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Fatigue Testing


Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Magazine

As seen in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Magazine, Wilson Company ensures products produce accurate results.

"Accuracy goes hand-in-hand in testing and calibrating weighing systems for aircraft, measurement speed."
"Provided by the Wilson Co., Addison, TX, were all the key system components."

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Control and Monitoring of PAO Fluid

How to control and monitor the heat load on high performance liquid cooled electronics.Using PAO fluid @ 100PSI to cool the electronics and be able to control the flow rate between .3 and 1GPM and monitor the temperature going into the electronics and coming out (Heat Load). Also monitoring the flow rate in #/hr or GPM into and out of the electronics

Precision pressure and temperature compensated flow controls calibrated for very low flows. Temperature sensors incorporated into the test equipment along with precision turbine flow meters and pressure transducers.

This allows us to monitor.

  • Electronically controlled and monitored flow rates.
  • Temperature controlled and monitored through electronic touch screens.
  • Fluid pressure into the electronics.

This data can be collected, stored on a memory card, and viewed in REAL TIME on a color Touch Screen with a built in Web Server, which can be remotely viewed via
the Interenet.

Hydraulic Units

Portable Filter Cart

Filter cart operations, Specifications and Technical information.

Electro-hydraulic Systems

Custom Engineering

  • Custom engineered and built electro-hydraulic systems, electrical controls, custom manifold assemblies, filter carts, hydraulic power units, pneumatic valve assemblies, tubing and hose harnesses.
  • Meeting customer specifications and expectations
  • Value added services
Hydraulic Power Unit Hydraulic Power Unit
Panel Gauges Gear Box Cooling

Automated High Pressure System
Intelligent Hydrostatic Tester Series

Combining intelligent electronics and system design with the power of hydraulics.

The IntelliTest System can be configured with or without the integrated cabinet allowing placement in the test chamber (or field-bunker) with the test specimen, away from the operator, increasing the margin of safety

  • Interprets the command and configures itself for the highest accuracy at each test condition
  • Easily connects to your testing chamber
  • Operate the system from the control panel or integrate a central database for full production integration
  • System includes automated high pressure protection
  • Integral system interlocks to maintain system integrity and containment
  • Any single tester component can be replaced in than 1 hour
  • Reduces downtime and maintenance
  • System over-pressure protection reduces potential pump and valve failure repair time
Hydrostatic Testing Machine, IntelliTest
Hydrostatic Tester

More IntelliTest® information!

Electro-hydraulic Systems
hydraulic power unit

Hydraulic Power Unit
Hydraulic Power Unit
Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydrostatic Test Machine without Cabinet

Quality service and repair with custom engineered and built electro-hydraulic systems, filter carts, hydraulic power units, pneumatic valve assemblies, tubing and hose harnesses.

Parker Hydraulic Technology Center

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