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Don't let the competition have an advantage. Reduce your cost and overhead through outsourcing some of your manufacturing operations. Applied Assembly Services can provide you with consistent and replicable sub-assemblies to be integrated into your manufacturing process. Applied Assembly Services has a proven record with both large and medium sized manufacturing companies. Our customer base represents the high tech, aerospace, medical, and heavy manufacturing industries.

Why would you want Applied Assembly Services to do what you already are doing? By outsourcing to Applied Assembly Services you can reduce the number of

  • purchase orders produced shipping/receiving transactions SKU's warehoused, parts moved within your plantinvoices to process

  • checks to cut and mail

  • Tubing Assembly
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    In addition, you can eliminate defective parts to return, overages, shortages, and material shrinkage. Applied Assembly Services' ISO compliant Quality Program assures you will receive consistent and accurate assemblies. If the assemblies you receive do not meet or exceed the agreed upon specification you will be given replacements or issued appropriate credit.

    Applied Assembly Services can collect the components and assemble almost anything – large or small – complex or simple – highly calibrated or non-critical. Our production staff can incorporate any type of product, tool, or device to complete the assembly process.

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